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  If you have any Z-Bots that are on my want list, please contact me with a picture of the piece.

Z-Bots were produced under the Micro Machines name brand.  They are robots and vehicles that were made of two combating teams, the Z-Bots vs. the Voids.  Some of the Z-Bots have a logo on them that indicates which team they are on.  The Z-Bots have a Z .  The Voids have a V  .
In some cases, there is no logo on the robot.  I've indicated below each robot on my web pages which team they belong to by showing the team symbol below each one.
Galoob had two different stories behind the Z-Bots vs. Voids battle.  Click here to see the Z-Bots vs. Voids Story.

Series 1 (1992)
Series 2 (1993)
Series 3 (1993)
Series 4 (1994)
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