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Z-Bots Series 4 (1994)

The 4th series of Z-Bots was made of 5 different groups of 12 robots for a total of 60 robots.  There were an equal number of Z-Bots and Voids.    These came in packs of 3, with 2 regular Z-bots, and a special Z-bot that either bites, punches, crushes or spikes.
  See the Z-Bots vs. Voids story here.

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Bones & Brawn

Bonz Byceptor Fleshy
Fossylz Hamstrong Klobberz - punches
Pektotron Pile-Drivr Punchee - Punches
Steroid Sukr - punches Z-Rex

Brute Force

Attaxor Brayne Bruzor - transforms
Bustr - transforms   Chomp Krule - Transforms
Luna-Tik Rampage Ramtusk
Manglerr Savvage - Transforms

Kreepy Kreatures

Armed Grrr Lokjawz - bites
Stalkr Wolfee Sabor-T - bites

Sea Beasts

Barnakl Jawzz Krushr - crushes
Skweezz Slymme Stinng

Shield & Sword

Armr-All Axe Faktr Chestpainz - Spikes
Gladyator Jabb - spikes Lanzz

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