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Z-Bots Series 2 (1993)

The 2nd series of Z-Bots had 38 robots.  Tiddo and Shleppy are redesigns from the original series.  Rumor has it that Galoob ran in to copyright issue because the original ones looked too much like R2-D2 from Star Wars.  There were also 2 Z-Bots to every 1 Void in this series.  
 See the Z-Bots vs. Voids story here.

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Z-Bots Series 2

Airborg Bladeroller Blayde
Catron Claxon Combot
Cruzor Cycopter Deltoid
Emporon Eye-Con Glaxar
Kleenon Korg Neptoon

Phlog Plexus Praxus
Protok Radius Rakor
Rayzor Reactor Redwing

No Picture Yet

Seekor Shleppy Skiddle

Skylex Slizor Stixxer
Strafe Stunnor Throid

Tiddo Venge Xactor
Zentek Zolord

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