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Z-Bots Series 3 (1993)

The 3rd series of Z-Bots was released late in 1993.  This series included new additions such as 12 Morphbots
 and 12 Bitebots, along with 48 new main line robots.   There were an equal number of Z-Bots and Voids in this series.
  See the Z-Bots vs. Voids story here.

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Z-Bots Series 3

Beedy Bitusk Brainiax
Bullzog Centoid Cyclaw
Cyfang Demizor Dicer
Eyze Firemyte Gowge
Grindex Grippet Halfbak
Haxxon Hitman Jammor
Monoped Munchor Nasher
Nastee Owzer Radial
Rammor Rebarr Retredz
Ripsaw Rolon Scorpozoid
Scrag Slugnut Suckoid
Swigit Tayzon Teethee
Telescon Toze Traktar
Triex Turbocon Wheelex
Widgy Worpex Zigzag


Fandango Gorillus Gashanoid
Grindor Gripjawz Iguanotron
Maullor Repzilla Ripcage
Insizor Spyderbite Stegz


Air Razor Batteram Blastakon
Bullit Krawler Krayniak
Kruzinon Moto-Syko Quasimoto
Screamor Skywacker Terrakon

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